Skope Classic 2021

The Southern Hemisphere’s premier car racing event celebrates its 31st year in 2021. Join Historic Touring Cars at the 2021 SKOPE Classic.

Lance Coupland's Ford Sierra RS500

Lance is the managing Director of Coupland’s Bakeries. He is a touring car enthusiast and has recently bought himself a “Sierra on Steroids”.

Warren Good's BMW 318iS

There’s something immediately familiar about Warren Good’s distinctive teal blue/black bonnet, Listerine-backed 1992 BMW 318iS.

Historic Touring Cars BMW E36

Part of Australasian folklore; the day Tony Longhurst jumped out of his yellow BMW E36 318i Super Tourer and threw three solid punches…

Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth

… the two-door Sierra RS500 Cosworth is one of – if not THE – poster car of what history records simply as ‘the Group A era’ of Touring Car racing.

Skope Classic 2020

Watch the Archibalds Historic Touring Cars at the Skope Classic 2020, Christchurch.

Historic Touring Cars at Wigram Revival 2013

Historic Touring Cars at the Wigram Revival 2013, Christchurch. Video posted to YouTube by RBC Race Video.