Historic Touring Cars (NZ) Association Regulations 2016

Members are reminded that Historic Competition is not simply another formula in which to acquire trophies. It is a discipline apart in which an essential ingredient is devotion to the cars and their history. Please respect your fellow Association members and their cars both on and off the track as there will be a variation in vehicle performance and driver capability.
To this end all members are required to obtain a MSNZ COD or HTP for their race race cars as an aid to identify and preserve the history of their car.

The aim of these regulations is to provide a framework for the owners of eligible vehicles to demonstrate/race their cars in a competitive but sportsmanlike manner. In addition, the regulations are designed to maximise the number of eligible vehicles to ensure a spectator friendly event is generated both on and off the track for the benefit of event promoters and sponsors.

These regulations are promulgated for the guidance of all Association Members but it is stressed that in all matters of safety, vehicle preparation, licencing and general race regulations the New Zealand Motorsport Manual is paramount and overrides any regulation or interpretation thereof contained within these regulations.
In matters of eligibility these regulations will prevail.
Acceptance of a membership application means that a member is bound to abide by the Association’s philosophy, aims and regulations.

Association Membership:
Full Association membership will be available to owners/drivers of eligible race cars. The Eligibility Committee will preside over the scrutiny of prospective race cars. The Eligibility Committee’s decisions are final. Membership is to be applied for by completing the Membership Application form and the appropriate Annex A or B Audit form.
Associate membership will be available to those who wish to join the Association but do not have an eligible vehicle.

Scale of Fees:
Full membership: $150 for 2016/17 season. This will include the entry fee for the final event at Teretonga provided the member has competed at the two previous events.
Associate membership: $100 for 2016/17 season.

The overriding principle of eligibility is that participation is strictly by invitation. Gross breaches of Association etiquette or vehicle representation will be viewed unfavourably and event entry may be denied. In general however there will be a policy of inclusion rather than exclusion as the Association matures and expands. The Association will attempt to encourage a wide range of Touring Cars of similar performance to participate.

The timeline is established as 1972 to 1996 with the following limitations:
FIA Groups 2 and 5. Group C Australia. FIA Group A, BTCC, ETCC, WTCC and other cars conforming to the International 2 litre Super Touring Formula and in particular STC Australia and Group S (NZ).
Australian V8 Touring cars conforming to Group A regulations to 1992.
DTM cars to 1992.
This list is to be used as a guide by prospective members and the Eligibility Committee

Cars should have an established and verifiable period competition history as a “Touring Car” within the published timeline.

Cars which are accurate reproductions/replicas/tributes of period race cars may be eligible to compete on an invitation basis to individual events. Replicas of existing cars are discouraged.

With regards to modifications permitted your attention is drawn to the restrictions outlined in Appendix 6 – Schedule K of the MSNZ Manual. Additionally all cars should conform to the period regulations under which they competed and any variance from that specification should be notified to the Eligibility Committee for dispensation action. The onus of proof of originality remains with the member.

In the interests of longevity and reliability it is permitted to substitute original ECU’s with a modern equivalent. Functions on the replacement ECU must replicate and not exceed the original ECU capability. Replacements must be notified to the eligibility committee. Proof of compliance remains with the member.

Members are encouraged to present their cars in original livery. Some variation to the livery by way of inconspicuous Association sponsor’s decals is permitted.

Where more than one vehicle claims a competition number the following priorities will prevail:
Seniority within the Association; then
By the age of the vehicle – oldest having priority or
By mutual agreement between members.

All safety equipment shall be to MSNZ Schedule A standard

All vehicles must have a valid MSNZ COD or HTP within 18 months of the publication of these regulations.

The committee will liaise with event organisers throughout New Zealand and determine which race meetings the Association will support and monitor the acceptance of entries to those events to ensure the field is composed of Association members and invited cars only.

As a general guideline a minimum of three events per racing season will be scheduled.

A minimum of three races plus practice and qualifying will be scheduled per meeting. All races will be a rolling start and of a minimum 6 laps duration.

All members should be prepared and equipped to compete in wet weather.

Under no circumstances are races, race starts or race finishes to be “stage managed”.

Members are to make themselves familiar with the Standing Regulations Applicable to all Races contained within Appendix 4 Schedule Z of the New Zealand Motorsport Manual and more importantly comply with them.


The Association will seek and accept appropriate sponsorship offers.

Members should be prepared to make themselves and/or their cars available for any sponsorship and Public Relations activities.

It is important that all members respect the Aims of the Association and participate in our events to display your cars competitively while respecting your fellow members and their cars. This will in turn foster an agreeable environment for the members while at the same time giving value to our sponsors and event organisers and enjoyment to the spectators.

  • Manfeild Classic
    11 - 13 November 2016
  • Skope Classic
    3-5 February 2017
    Mike Pero Motorsport Park Christchurch
  • Teretonga Speed Fest
    17 -19 February 2017
    Teretonga Park, Invercargill
  • Taupo RoC Revival
    27-30 January 2017